10 Dirty Little Secrets From NASA

Space Leslie FinlayFebruary 17, 2017 Conspiracy theorists worldwide speculate on the many presumed secrets of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. In its 60-year history, the notoriously secretive government-affiliate has been accused of everything from staging the Moon landing to covering up signs… Read More

10 Bizarre Martian Reports From The Past

Weird Stuff Elizabeth Yetter February 6, 2017 It may seem that the whole UFO craze began with the crash at Roswell, but newspapers have been talking about the possibility of aliens, specifically Martians, long before that. People in the early 1900s began speculating about contact… Read More

10 Astonishing Mysteries From Remote Places

Mysteries Estelle Thurtle February 2, 2017 Sometimes, remote places are not all serene and tranquil. Sometimes, there are mysteries just waiting to be uncovered—and, hopefully, solved. 10Antarctica Antarctica is one of the most desolate places on the planet and also the coldest continent. In spite… Read More