10 Mysterious Ancient Labyrinths

Mysteries Geordie McElroyFebruary 26, 2017 Do not confuse labyrinths with mazes. Mazes are complex, multibranched puzzles. Labyrinths are single, nonbranching paths that lead to a center. Millennia ago, labyrinth designs mysteriously appeared throughout the world. They have long been sites of religious devotion and healing.… Read More

10 Mysterious Ancient Dances

Mysteries Geordie McElroy February 4, 2017 Dance is one of the most ancient and widespread human behaviors, but no physical artifacts of this art exist. What little we can ascertain of ancient dances comes from scant descriptions and those few practiced to this day. For… Read More

10 Mysterious Hidden Texts

Mysteries Geordie McElroy January 8, 2017 The archaeological record is filled with hidden messages from the past. Often, these secret texts hide in plain sight. They are buried under monuments and secreted away in machinery. Many times, they exist concealed in later works, remaining only… Read More

10 Mysterious Jade Relics

Mysteries Abraham Rinquist December 26, 2016 For over 100,000 years, people have been obsessed with jade. Its color, luster, and durability make it ideal for tools, talismans, jewelry, and royal artifacts. Ancient Europeans and Asians believed that jade had healing abilities—even offering the possibility of… Read More

10 Mysterious Ancient Runes

Mysteries Abraham Rinquist December 22, 2016 “Rune” comes from the ancient Norse word for “mystery.” Even after an alphabet was developed out of these enigmatic symbols, they kept their magical properties. Some were warnings—and others, curses. They can be written in any direction and are… Read More