10 Mysterious Ancient Curses

Mysteries Abraham Rinquist December 16, 2016 Curses are as old as mankind. For millennia, people have wished misfortune on their enemies, often in the form of pleas to supernatural and divine forces. With elaborate rituals, prayers, and language, curse casting has often been a profession.… Read More

10 Most Mysterious Musicians Of All Time

Mysteries Marielle Bodenheimer December 10, 2016 Some musicians possess more than just charisma and talent. They’re mysterious. They make people whisper about deals with the devil and conspiracy theories long after the musician’s deaths. Some of them have become legends grapping our attention even today… Read More

10 Mysterious Libraries

Mysteries Abraham Rinquist December 9, 2016 Libraries captivate the imagination. These storehouses of knowledge contain countless secrets and mysteries. Unfortunately, many of these treasure troves of wisdom have been lost over the centuries. Those that remain are preciously guarded. Knowledge is power. 10 Vatican Secret… Read More

10 Mysterious Cave Temples

Mysteries Abraham Rinquist November 13, 2016 Caves resonate with humans on deep spiritual level. They not only provided shelter to our ancestors, but they were the sites of the first religious rites. It’s no wonder that these structures remain powerful sources of spirituality. Enigmatic cave… Read More

10 Mysterious Ancient Maps

History Abraham Rinquist November 8, 2016 Maps reflect our worldview—literally. Far from purely scientific instruments, they are almost always bound with history, mythology, and religion. A study of ancient maps reveals the shifting attitudes human have had toward themselves and their place in the universe.… Read More

10 Mysterious Ancient Tattoos

The Arts Abraham Rinquist November 5, 2016 Tattoos are one of the most ancient forms of body art. But because tattoos exist on flesh and are quick to rot, only rare examples have survived from antiquity. For millennia, these permanent body markings are used as… Read More