Top 10 Secrets Discovered In Silver

Mysteries Abraham Rinquist December 7, 2016 Silver is a precious metal that has been used for thousands of years in currency, ornaments, utensils, and trade. Alchemists have linked silver to power of the Moon and the mysteries of the sacred feminine. It has the highest… Read More

10 Secrets Buried In Crypts

History Abraham Rinquist November 18, 2016 Crypts contain more than just human remains. These subterranean skeleton sanctuaries hold secrets. Artistic masterpieces, relics, and even evidence of disease have been recovered from crypts. These mysterious artifacts tantalize archaeologists with the window they provide into the deceased’s… Read More

10 Dark Secrets Of George Soros

Politics Morris M. October 21, 2016 Billionaire George Soros is one of the planet’s most controversial and powerful figures. For some, his funding of democracy groups in post-Communist Eastern Europe made him a hero. For others, his funding of ultra-left social causes has turned him… Read More

10 Secrets Of Ancient Footprints

Mysteries Abraham Rinquist October 16, 2016 Fossilized footprints are extremely rare and informative. By revealing physique, culture, and climate, these ancient fossils allow us to literally walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. With each new find, we realize there are many more mysteries to… Read More

10 Secrets Of Ancient Feces

History Abraham Rinquist October 9, 2016 Feces is the new gold—at least in archaeology. Not only does ancient scat contain 10 times more DNA than bones, it reveals culture with its window into diet and disease. Once ignored, fossilized feces (“coprolites”) are now casting an… Read More

10 Secrets Of Hoodoo Conjuring

Creepy Abraham Rinquist October 6, 2016 Do not confuse hoodoo with Voodoo. Voodoo is derived from the ancient West African religion Vodun. Hoodoo is African American folk spirituality with a mix of Native American and European traditions. It is a complex interweaving of mythology, herbal… Read More

10 Dark Secrets Of Donald J. Trump

Politics Morris M. September 24, 2016 In the history of US politics, no candidate has been as mind-blowingly controversial as Donald Trump. The former businessman is ridiculed by the media as a national joke; a buffoon who constantly puts his foot in it. But at… Read More